Travel Specialist

Quick Facts

Favourite travel experience:
Too many to name!

Next on dream list:
China's Pandas, Tanzania

Indochina, Southeast Asia, Africa, China

Yong Kang opted to study Tourism in school as he could not envisage himself holding a desk bound job. After graduation, he joined Country Holidays to pursue a career in travel.
Yong Kang enjoys breaking away from the familiar and discovering the unfamiliar when it comes to the topic of Travel. Particularly for one living in a concrete jungle, travelling allows him to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and get outdoors to where he can be close to Mother Nature.

He has travelled to nearby destinations such as Sri Lanka and Vietnam; and further afield through tour planning.

With a keen eye for detail and quest for excellence, Yong Kang seeks to be a professional in the industry by striving to create the best of the travel experiences for his clients! 
Formerly Country Holidays, Scott Dunn,
creates exceptional tailor-made holidays
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