Travel Specialist

Favourite travel experience:

Lying on the grass in Hallstat, Austria, listening to my favourite music and reading my favourite book!

Next on your dream list:
Greenland, Alaska, DR Congo 

Indochina, Northeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand, Western Europe and Africa




Travel is a hobby for life. Adam has ascertained that from the tender age of 10 and has since left footprints on 35 countries, most of them based in Europe and Asia.

Adam made England home for the past 5 years and graduated from Marketing Management and Tourism Business Management. Originally reading Pharmaceutical, it didn’t take Adam long before he realised he should always follow his dreams and changed course.  

Having done quite a number of solo trips in Europe and Southeast Asia, Adam enjoys meeting people and learning about their cultures. He believes that the most important thing about travelling is the connection one has with the host country rather than ticking off a list of what one ‘must’ see.

His most memorable trip was one taken with his mum in Europe, designed by him. Lasting for 38 days it covered England, Spain, Greece, France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Iceland. Satisfaction came when his mum smiled at the special moments planned by him. 
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