Travel Specialist

Favourite travel experience:

Old town of Sanaa, watching the sun set over the old tower houses.

Escape the civilization on secluded islands, like the Galapagos, Socotra and Easter Island.

Next on your dream list:
Discover New Zealand fiords and stroll around Iran ancient gardens.



Born in France, Emilie caught the travel bug early on when her parents relocated to the Middle-East and then to Africa during her teenage years. That’s where it all started, among century old ruins, spice souks, tropical forests and wildlife safaris!

She worked in the US after completing her college degree in computer science, and got the chance to explore the “New World”. She later went on a backpacking trip over South America and South East Asia for 6 months to broaden her horizons and understood that she could feel at home just about anywhere on the planet!

Her previous work assignments have led her to settle down in Paris and later in Beijing, where she decided to switch to a career in the travel industry and helped French families customise holidays in China.

When traveling, she loves spending time in local markets, full of colors, smiles and photographic opportunities.

Working as a Travel Specialist, she loves sharing her interests in other cultures and people, as well as her love for food: being born in a gourmet country, this runs in her blood!
Formerly Country Holidays, Scott Dunn,
creates exceptional tailor-made holidays
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