Travel Specialist

Favourite travel experience:

A night dive with the Manta Rays in Hawaii. Surreal experience being surrounded by these gigantic angels, dancing peacefully around me.

Next on your dream list:
My honeymoon trip to India, Costa Rica and South Africa with my kids.




Claire’s passion for travel started early in her childhood days when hearing all about her father’s crazy stories from traveling the world in the 70’s. 

Since then she decided to take all the opportunities to travel around this beautiful planet, first in Europe where she grew up, then to the U.S.A, Australia, Asia and South America.

For more than 10 years she has been working in the marketing and retail industry, living successively in The Philippines, Spain, Singapore and Australia. When in Sydney, she took the plunge and decided to mix business with pleasure and joined the travel industry doing tailored trips to mainly Europe, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Claire recently moved back to Singapore and decided to continue her passion by joining Country Holidays as a Travel Specialist.
Formerly Country Holidays, Scott Dunn,
creates exceptional tailor-made holidays
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