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Favorite travel experience: Visit to crystal cave and Jokulsarlon Glacier in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Next on dream list:
Namibia, Galapagos Island

China, Southeast & Northeast Asia, India, The Himalayas & Indian Subcontinent, Central Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Africa, Latin America, Europe, Polar Voyages

"Live as if you are to die tomorrow, learn as if you are to live forever" is Tico's motto in life

Tico is at his most relaxed when travelling. Treating every single moment as a learning opportunity, he enjoys visiting heritage sites and museums to enrich his knowledge and outlook to life. Living on an outlying island in Hong Kong, Tico is a crazy lover of sunshine, beach and countryside where he can be one with the outdoors and explore the natural environment. To him, shopping opportunities are never of much consideration when planning his trips. But the amount of fresh air he can inhale from the destination is definitely a top priority!

Insider Tips from Tico

In Atacama Desert, Chile
When you visit Moon Valley, make it there early in the morning to avoid the crowds of big bus tour groups, which usually arrive there around late afternoon for sunset. For sunset, I recommend the less accessible Death Valley, which offers the same gorgeous views without the crowds.

In Uyuni, Bolivia
Wear nylon /polyester clothing when visiting the salt lake for easier removal of salt crystal from the evaporating salt water.


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