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Favourite travel experience:
The glacier and wildlife in Alaska

Next on dream list: 
Norway to see the Northern Lights and Antarctica

China, Central Asia, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, North America, Boutique Cruising
Travelling combined with discovering new cultures and langauges gives life meaning and thus far, Evelyn's 18 long years of journey in the travel trade industry has given her ample opportunities to explore around the world.


In many ways, she is fortunate to be able to visit many different countries and found it a humbling experience. Evelyn sees travelling as a means of storytelling; it captures the human condition and constructs the kind of stories that need to be heard. It is very hard to verbalize something that brings so much joy to her. Travelling enriches her mind, thereby allowing her to fully immerse in a destination at a leisurely pace and bring home the elusive fond memories of the journey by allowing herself time to study and learn as much as possible. Rationality only goes so far and it has been a humbling and joyous ride.

Insider Tips from Evelyn

On Cruising
Bring along a hand carry bag for your cruise trip as the crew will pick up your big luggage for storage on the night before disembarkation. You can pack all your personal belongings (such as toiletries and your day clothes for the last day on the ship) into your hand carry.


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