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Quick Facts

Favourite travel experience:
Hiking in Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, and strolling down the streets in Trinidad, Cuba

Next on your dream list:
Bolivia, Peru

China, Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America
For Hannah, travelling is a way to discover the beauty of humanity. Seeing the kindness in local people and other travelers has helped her become a better self.

Growing up in Beijing, Hannah was blessed with the opportunity to visit the many historical sites in this ancient capital, tracing a long history of glorious empires and dynasties. Eager to explore new places, Hannah started her travels in China, then slowly expanded her road map to include more and more countries during her university years studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Since then, travel has become an essential item in her life, and she believes it to be the perfect way to discover a lifestyle that suits one most.

Insider Tips from Hannah

In Mexico
Highly recommend Oaxaca for souvenir shopping. The souvenirs there are much more special and delicate than any other cities.

In Greece
Pack some motion sickness medicine with you if you are taking a ferry crossing between islands in Greece. The ride can be really bumpy especially during the windy days.











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