Travel Specialist

Quick Facts

Favorite Travel Experience: Sail among the tranquil icebergs in Greenland

Next on Dream List: Iberia Peninsula, Iceland, UK

Stella joined Country Holidays 10 years ago since Beijing office was set up, she has witnessed the growth of the company by working for Beijing, Singapore and Shanghai office.

Stella is always proud of being a Beijinger, born in a city with great history and culture. She also likes to explore the world with curiosity. From China to Asia, further to Europe, Oceania, Middle East, and Africa, America… her footsteps also represent the development of the Chinese travel market.

Due to AMS, adventure to high altitude is always on the last of her travel list. Travel in a slow pace with luxury concepts are her priorities. She likes to follow a map to stroll around a place, immerse in museums or great nature, enjoy authentic food in local restaurants. Although her work is to make detailed travel planning for her customers, her personal travel is quite random, just follow the heart to explore the beauty of life.



Formerly Country Holidays, Scott Dunn,
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