From its gorgeous shrines and humongous castles to its booming metropolises, Japan is one of the few places on Earth that can combine the modern world with centuries of traditional values so perfectly.

With our expertise,  we are able recommend charming traditional Japanese inns (Ryokan), pamper you in some of the finest culinary experiences in the country, help you immerse in local culture while exploring the icons as well as the little known towns in Japan.

Best Season

Mar-Apr &


Spring and Autumn are generally most beautiful. Winter is great for skiiing (Dec-Mar). 


Allure Of The Japanese Alps In Ryokans - Winter In Nozawa Onsen (Ski), Matsumoto And Azumino
From HK$22,400/Adult
From HK$22,400/Adult

Known as the Roof of Japan, Nagano Prefecture is home to some of the most charming Japanese villages. Enjoy Nozawa Onsen, a classic hot spring village with great skiing which offering excellent slopes for both beginners and experts. In Matsumoto and Azumino, admire Japan’s most beautiful heritage monuments and natural scenery.

Japan - Kumano Kodo Trail | 02 - 07 Nov 2018
From HK$45,880/Adult
6 days | 02 - 07 Nov 2018
From HK$45,880/Adult
The Kumano Kodo Trail has for more than 1000 years been walked by Japanese pilgrim from all walks of life. We have carefully selected the most beautiful sections of the trail to hike and you will indulge in Japanese culture and tradition, understand the Sacred Shinto religion and enjoy some of the loveliest scenery in autumn.