Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa, is a beautiful country with a wide range of diverse environments ripe for exploring.

The mighty Zambezi River forms the border with Zambia. This powerful river is one of the continents’ largest and forms the planet’s greatest curtain of falling water where it spectacularly plunges over the Victoria Falls in the north-west corner of the country. Hwange National Park was founded in 1928 and is the country’s largest, playing host to the greatest elephant population in Africa, as well as over 100 mammal and 400 bird species. On the banks of the Lower Zambezi, Mana Pools National Park is an iconic safari destination high on the list for any avid safari-goer and often regarded as the number one walking safari destination in Africa. Country Holiday promises to showcase the best of Zimbabwe through careful selection of unique lodges in different national parks to tailor to one’s interest and needs!

Best Season

May- Sep

Dry season is best for game viewing. However the peak for Victoria Falls is from Mar to May.

Zambia and Zimbabwe with Victoria Falls - Wilderness Safaris Specials
From HK$49,000/Adult
From HK$49,000/Adult

Complimentary night at Victoria Falls with min. 6 nights stay with Wilderness Safaris

Zambia and Zimbabwe are one of the last Eden in Africa. Experience some of Africa's finest wilderness and wildlife highlights on this Expedition Safari to remote, beautiful and world-class destinations in Southern Africa. Wilderness Safari is surprising you with an exclusive complimentary night at Victoria Falls in the best season!

The Hidden Gems of Zimbabwe
From HK$40,800/Adult
From HK$40,800/Adult

Early Bird Reward for Davison's and Little Makalolo

Zimbabwe, a landlocked country in southern Africa has a wide range of diverse environments ripe for exploring. The mighty Zambezi River, the country’s largest -Hwange National Park and the iconic safari destination, Mana Pools National Park provides spectacular sights and great safari game for adventurous.