Arctic Circle wonders are at their most magnificent. Discover towering snow-capped mountains and glacier-filled bays.

Observe vast colonies of seabirds nesting among coastal cliffs and walrus snuggled together for a snooze. Venture deep into remote regions at the top of the world in search of reindeer, Arctic fox, seals, walrus, whales and, the most impressive of all – the polar bear.


Best Season

Jun - Jul


Expedition To The Top Of The World At 90° North Pole
From HK$255,500/Adult
From HK$255,500/Adult

The ultimate Arctic adventure to the top of the Earth on the most powerful nuclear icebreaker in the world. Crush through multiyear ice on the Arctic Ocean, sightsee by helicopter on the lookout for walruses, seals, whales, and polar bears, or take a tethered hot-air balloon ride at 90º N.

Kamchatka: The Ring of Fire with Silversea
From HK$107,200/Adult
From HK$107,200/Adult
One of the world’s great journeys, an expedition that beckons nature lovers, history buffs and the intrepid explorer within. Marvel at spectacular natural landscapes, pristine tundra and massive volcanoes, spot a multitude of rare bird species without forgeting to enjoy delicious fresh local caviar and vodka.