Nestled in the intersection between Asia and Europe, Azerbaijan is where age-old traditions mix with the bizarre new.

Awashed in oil wealth and international business, the capital Baku is undoubtedly the metropolis of the Caucasus. But not far from the towering skyscrapers, one can unravel a wealth of history with UNESCO-listed walled fortress, Zoroastrian fire temples, historic mausoleums and rock engravings from the early days of human civilization.

Tread the ancient Silk Road path through Shemakha, the former capital of Shirvan Khanate, passing through scenic mountain roads and pristine countryside where time truly stood still.

Best Season

Apr - Sep

Late Jun-Aug can be hot and humid but ideal for hikes on a combined visit to Georgia and Armenia.

Caucasus Encompassed - Journey through Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan & Remote Svaneti
From HK$47,200/Adult
From HK$47,200/Adult
The remote foothills of the Caucasus mountain range, nestled between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, is home to some of the last unexplored frontiers linking Asia with Europe where time has stood still.
Romance of Silk Road, Persia & Caucasus by Train
From HK$29,000/Adult
From HK$29,000/Adult
Follow Marco Polo's footprints into Earth's remotest corners while basking in the nostalgia and comfort of train facilities. From the world's largest mosque to the most bejeweled royal thrones in existence, this rail journey through the ancient trade network harbours the legacies of the world's most legendary ancient civilizations.