The largest of the Central Asian Republics, Kazakhstan is a country full of contrast and mystery.

 From the endless steppes and proud semi-nomadic inhabitants to Almaty’s cosmopolitan flare and the majestic mountains which rise like a wall along its southern fringe, Kazakhstan offers a broad range of tourist destinations yet to be discovered by many foreign visitor

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Central Asian Silk Road by Rail - The 3 "Stans" - with Orient Silk Road Express
From HK$50,200/Adult
16 days | Train Journeys
From HK$50,200/Adult

Indulge in the elegant Orient Silk Road Express, decorated in a traditional style with prints in the style of the Uzbek oriental patterns. ndulge in the elegant Orient Silk Road Express, decorated in a traditional style with prints in the style of the Uzbek oriental patterns. This journey makes you familiar with the manifold cultures along the legendary Silk Road and numerous localities that made history, among them no less than 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Almaty & Surroundings - With Extension To Southern Kazakhstan
From HK$13,800/Adult
5 days
From HK$13,800/Adult
Kazakhstan stretches from Siberia to the deserts of Turkmenistan, and From China to the Caspian Sea. This landlocked country has a very diverse topography, where you can find steppes, canyons, snow-capped mountains, deserts and lakes. Based in Almaty, the former capital of the country, you will find a number of significant architecture left by the Soviet Union and the magnificent natural wonders are in short trips.
Across the Silk Road Rail Journeys with Golden Eagle & Shangri-la Express
From HK$89,500/Adult
14/20 days | Train Journeys
From HK$89,500/Adult

The epitome of luxury – the Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express. Retracing one of the most important trading routes of ancient civilization, the Silk Road follows in the footsteps of such legendary figures as Alexander the Great and Marco Polo.

Ashgabat to Almaty on Orient Silk Road Express | 15 – 31 Oct 2017
From HK$66,800/Adult
16 days | Train Journeys | 15 - 31 Oct 2017
From HK$66,800/Adult

The Orient Silk Road Express train offer the comfort and time saving opportunity by covering miles of road while you were sleeping. You will  cover 7 important UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this trip, along with former imperial city – Nisa, ruin of the ancient city – Merv, oasis and caravan hub – Khiva & historic centre – Bukhara.