Somewhat isolated and idiosyncratic, Turkmenistan intrigues!

From the grand and lavish palaces, gold statues and marble monuments in the over-manicured capital of Ashgabet to the mysticism that hangs over pilgrimage sites and ancient ruins - this is most certainly a uniquely Turkmen experience!

For the politically-curious, Turkmenistan, best known for the eccentricities of its late dictator Saparmurat Niyazov whose personality cult is omnipresent (the legend prevails although the process of dismantling is on-going with the new leadership), presents an opportunity to take a peek into one of world’s few totalitarian rules. History buffs will enjoy the ancient cities like Merv, and Konye-Urgench while nature-lovers will appreciate the haunting beauty of the Karakum Desert (Black Sand) and the occasional quirks of coloured canyons, dinosaur footprints and burning gas craters.


Best Season

Apr - Jun & Sep - Nov


Central Asian Silk Road by Rail - The 3 "Stans" - with Orient Silk Road Express
From HK$50,200/Adult
16 days | Train Journeys
From HK$50,200/Adult

Indulge in the elegant Orient Silk Road Express, decorated in a traditional style with prints in the style of the Uzbek oriental patterns. ndulge in the elegant Orient Silk Road Express, decorated in a traditional style with prints in the style of the Uzbek oriental patterns. This journey makes you familiar with the manifold cultures along the legendary Silk Road and numerous localities that made history, among them no less than 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan - Linking Asia to Europe
From HK$35,780/Adult
From HK$35,780/Adult

Starting from Tashkent, the modern capital of Uzbekistan and Central Asia’s main transportation hub, discover rapidly-changing Ashgabat, the off-beat, nouveau-riche capital of Turkmenistan; the remains of mighty Merv; Bukhara and Samarkand, whose modern sections lie side-by-side with the great monuments from the time when the overland trade from East and West met.

Turkmenistan & Uzbekistan – Central Asia Silk Road | 29 Apr to 10 May 2017
From HK$29,880/Adult
12 days | 29 Apr - 10 May 2017
From HK$29,880/Adult

The fabled and faraway lands of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan beckons on this journey along the Silk Road Less Traveled. Ashgabat? The “City of Love” will undoubtedly find admirers for its weird and wonderful architecture in the curious and inaccessible Turkmen republic. The exotic Uzbek cities of Samarkand, Bukhara, and Khiva may ring up images of timeless caravans, endless cups of steaming chai, iconic turquoise mosque domes dominating the skyline.

Ashgabat to Almaty on Orient Silk Road Express | 15 – 31 Oct 2017
From HK$66,800/Adult
16 days | Train Journeys | 15 - 31 Oct 2017
From HK$66,800/Adult

The Orient Silk Road Express train offer the comfort and time saving opportunity by covering miles of road while you were sleeping. You will  cover 7 important UNESCO World Heritage Sites on this trip, along with former imperial city – Nisa, ruin of the ancient city – Merv, oasis and caravan hub – Khiva & historic centre – Bukhara.