This is the Mayan Heartland. Tikal was the center of the Mayan Kingdom during the classical period and hiking through the jungle in search of the many hidden towers is an experience not to be forgotten.

And it is not just history, dotted around the central plateau are numerous beautiful Mayan villages leading a life unchanged for decades. The picturesque lake Atitlan adds much to the landscape. And in terms of colonial legacy, Antigua Guatemala has to be one of the loveliest of the Spanish city. Guatemala is truly a hidden gem in Latin America and we complete the experience tastefully with little touches like gourmet picnics at Tikal, an experience into a mysterious Mayan ceremony, basing you in small unique hotels.

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Central America | 13 to 25 Nov 2018
From HK$95,280/Adult
13 days | 13 - 25 Nov 2018
From HK$95,280/Adult
Hidden gem in the 2 might continents of North and South America, the narrow strip of land consists of a patchwork of countries that many treasures are now beginning to get the attention they deserve. Come fly away with us all the way from Panama to Nicaragua and Guatemala, exploring the extraordinary beauty in these countries.
Mayan Journey - Mexico, Guatemala & Honduras
From HK$42,500/Adult
13 days
From HK$42,500/Adult

Spanning 3000 years, Maya is without doubt the most sophisticated pre-Columbian civilization of the Americas. This trip concentrates on exploring the Mayan archeological sites in Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Apart from the amazing historical sites, the landscape is beautiful with spectacular mountains clad in thick forest & lovely high altitude lakes.