Egypt’s pyramids, fantastic temples and the generations of history and culture make this country on the bucket list of many travellers around the globe.

Combining the endless desert with the fertile banks of the Nile River, this country’s landscape is one to be marvelled at. The grubby yet enigmatic capital Cairo, the Pyramids of Giza and further down River Nile are the magnificent temples of Abu Simbel and Luxor dedicated to Ancient Egyptian Gods and Kigns. Nearby also lies the Valley of the Kings, the burial site of past Kings and home to the famous Tomb of Tutankhamen.

Finally, the shores of the Red Sea provide the perfect place to snorkel. It was also here that Moses led the Jews in the famous Exodus out of Egypt. The people are also very friendly and hospitable if you get a chance to mingle with them. This is Northern Africa at its finest.


Best Season

Oct - Mar

Highlights of Egypt
From HK$25,000/Adult
7 days
From HK$25,000/Adult

3,000 years of glorious civilization left behind stunning archaeological sites right by the bank of the majestic Nile. This innovative itinerary explore all the highlights without cruising and allows you to see the highlights in depth, yet within a shorter time.

Glorious Egypt with Nile Cruise - Ancient Splendour Along The Nile
From HK$28,000/Adult
From HK$28,000/Adult

Cruise down the river Nile exploring some of the most stunning historical sites as well as observing the traditional way of life. Fly to Cairo and gaze in wonder at the famous Pyramids. Explore Islamic Cairo, visit the world-class Egyptian Museum and perhaps, even get lost in the great Bazaar of Khan El-Khalil.

Egyptian Wonders and The Desert - Nile River And Sahara Desert
From HK$43,000/Adult
From HK$43,000/Adult

The River Nile is the cradle of the fascinating ancient Egyptian civilization, but the bulk of the country is formed by the magnificent Sahara Desert. This trip takes you cruising down the Nile admiring the many wonderful sites of antiquity. It also explores the Sahara, visiting untouched, quaint oasis villages.