Blending Islamic culture, ancient history, stunning Mediterranean coast and the iconic Sahara desert, Tunisia sums up the very best of North Africa into a compact size.

You do not have to search far to unearth Tunisia's trademark—a plethora of historical sites dating back almost 3,000 years dotting the landscape of this tiny nation.

Carthage is home to Phoenician archaeology from the glory days of Carthaginian Empire, once Rome's greatest arch rival. Built during the 3rd century, El Jem is the largest Roman amphitheatre outside of Italy. Kairouan, a former capital of Ifriqiya which flourished in the 9th century, is the holiest Islamic city after Mecca and Medina.

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Tunisian Rendezvous - Land of the Carthage, Desert Oases & Star Wars
From HK$16,700/Adult
7 days
From HK$16,700/Adult
Immerse in a world rich in Phoenician archaeology, first-class Roman sites and Islamic medieval history. Lose yourself in the medinas of Sousse, chase the sun in the coastal village of Sidi Bou Said, relax by Sahara desert oases and marvel at the troglodyte structures of Matmata.