Austria is famed with its Alpine landscapes, fairy tale castles and abbeys, and one of the finest traditions of music, art and culture in the world. 

The Austrian capital of Vienna has long been synonymous with high culture, unforgettable music and delectable pastries. Austria is the opera you’ve waited your entire life to experience. The ancient city of Salzburg is perhaps most famous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, while exploring the city, keep your eyes open for many of the sights familiar from the movie The Sound of Music.

Outside of the city, the romantic Wachau Valley is home to castles, forests, mountain peaks and the majestic Danube River. Do not miss out the the world’s prettiest lakeside village, Hallstatt with its quaint charm.



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Austria from Music to Nature
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From HK$25,800/Adult

The home of classical composers and charming castles, Austria offers a fine mix of cultured cities, slow-paced towns and stunning mountain scenery. From the birthplace of the great composer Mozart - Salzburg, a perfect setting for the movie “Sound of Music” to the picturesque Hallstatt. Your journey ends at Vienna, embraced with art and cultures.

Cruising the Danube

Captured in art, poetry and music, the Danube River is one of the world's most romantic waterways. At 1,780 miles long, the Danube is Europe’s longest river, flowing from west to east, from Germany through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia and Romania to the Black Sea. Sail down the River Danube and admire the subtle changes in the passing scenery.