8 days | 07 - 14 Mar 2018
From HK$48,880/Adult


  • Day 01 - 07 Mar (Wed) - Hong Kong / Irkutsk
    Fly 23 Oct Hong Kong / Irkutsk S7 550 1700/2220 - (5h 20m)

    Upon arrival, transfer to your hotel and get a good night’s rest before we start our adventure. 

    Accommodation: Sayen International
    Meals: Dinner

  • Day 02 - 08 Mar (Thu) - Irkutsk

    On Siberian map Irkutsk appeared in the middle of the XVII century. Irkutsk has a great number of monuments of wooden architecture. There are about 500 architectural monuments in the city, among which historically constructed ensembles are depicted.

    Our city tour includes Church of the Savior, War memorial, Angara river embankment, Cathedral of Our Lady of the Sign, Monument to the Emperor Alexander III on the embankment, Decembrist’s House Museum and the bell tower of the oldest church in Irkutsk.

    Accommodation: Sayen International
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 03 - 09 Mar (Fri) - Irkutsk / Olkhon Island

    This morning we will drive towards Olkhon Island (around 290km, 6 hours). Olkhon Island the “heart” of Baikal, is the biggest island of Baikal. The island is 72 km (45 miles) long and 15 km (9,5 miles) wide with a population of 1500 people. The major occupations are fishing and cattle breeding. The Island's aboriginal people are the Buryats. The "capital" of the island is Khuzhir. Scientists still debate whether "Olkhon" is translated as "little forest" or "dry" as both names fit well. Olkhon is the geographical, historical and spiritual center of Baikal, the heart of many legends and fairy tales and is believed to be the home of many Baikal spirits.

    Accommodation: Baikal View Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 04 - 10 Mar (Sat) - Olkhon Island

    Today we board the 4-wheel UAZ for a full day tour of Olkhon Island and frozen Lake Baikal. Visit the sacred Shaman cape, one of 9 Asian relics and is known as a palace of Heaven’s Gods, tengri, and one of Asia’s most sacred places. This is the most famous of Olkhon capes. The strongest of heavenly tengri (gods) chosen this place to be his home, and people were not allowed to go there. Many years ago people used to cover the hoofs of their horses so as not to disturb the great spirit and master of the rock.

    Continue touring on Olkhon Island with a trip to the Cape Khoboi, the most northern cape of Olkhon island, visiting frozen caves and stopping by cracks and other interesting ice formations. From the sea the cape resembles the side face of a woman who is looking afield. Local legend says that it is the petrified Buryat lady who asked the celestials to present her with the better castle than her husband was presented with. For her anger and envy she was fated to be a stone till there would be evil and rancor.

    Accommodation: Baikal View Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 05 - 11 Mar (Sun) - Olkhon Island

    Another full day tour with 4-wheel UAZ, Ogoy Island is a holy place for buddhists, it has enlightenment stupa at the top. From there you can see most of Little Sea, a bay of Lake Baikal, separated by Olkhon Island. We then explore the Southern part of Olkhon to see more caves and small islands with ice.

    Accommodation: Baikal View Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 06 - 12 Mar (Mon) - Olkhon Island / Listvyanka

    Today we drive towards Listvyanka, a village in the South-West of lake Baikal. The village dates back to 1701, when it became one of the first settlements of Russian people on the shores of Baikal. The image of the port village of Listvyanka was changed in the end of 19 centuries in connection with the construction of Tran-Siberian railroad.  Today, the majority of population in Listvyanka is involved in tourism.

    Accommodation: Anastasia Lodge
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 07 - 13 Mar (Tue) - Listvyanka

    This morning we visit Baikal Museum, a splendid museum where different material evidences, exhibits, in short all the information about lake Baikal is kept, studied and exhibited: origin of the lake; representatives of the endemic flora and fauna from the surface of the lake to the maximum depth; excellent model of the bed of Baikal. We then visit St. Nicolas Church, Fish Market and Shaman Rock, a natural boundary between the deepest lake in the world and the only river that flows out of the lake - the Angara river. Many local legends are attributed to this place. The rock is believed to be the house of one of the Buryat gods.

    In the afternoon, we will see the old railway in winter and its settlement.

    Accommodation: Anastasia Hotel
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • Day 08 - 14 Mar (Wed) - Listvyanka / Irkutsk / Hong Kong

    This early morning, you will be transferred back to Irkutsk airport.

    Fly Irkutsk / Hong Kong S7 549 1045/1550 (5h 05m )

    Arrive in Hong Kong the same day.

    Accommodation: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast





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